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Holiday in Denmark
Denmark is a country with a lot to offer. Here definitely is a...
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Legoland 2013
If you’re travelling to Denmark together with your children...
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A historical journey
Denmark is a country with an exciting history...
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Great places to go on your Holiday in Denmark

Denmark is a country with a lot to offer. Here definitely is a lot for all types of poeple – from those on holiday with the family to nature lovers and city people.


If you want to experience something beyond the common Denmark, Bornholm is the place to go. On this little island you find a very varying nature and it’s a great place for a holiday by bike. On the north part of the island you find the cliff-beaches of Bornholm, while you on the south side have many beautiful beaches. Something to have in mind when you’re deciding where on Bornholm to have your house, even though you easily can get around to all parts of the island by car.

Not only have Bornholm an amazing nature, here are also plenty of sightseeings of all kinds which will make your holiday even more enjoyable, such as its characteristic churces and little villages with herring smokehouses. If you’re going here with children you also have a fun park to visit.


Situated at the north tip of Jylland, is Skagen. This is a wonderful spot in Denmark to visit where you easily can spend a whole holiday. Here you are offered great beaches, sun, good reaturants and bars. Around Skagen are many long sandy beaches where you can spend the days together with you family or your friends. With its many restaurants, entertainments and shopping this is a great holiday destination both for a family and for a group of friends who likes a great deal of night life with good restaurants and bars. Peace and quiet you may have in your summer house nearby some of the beaches and when you desire more pulse all you have to do is go downtown.


If you’re on holiday at Sjaelland, you almost certainly want to visit the danish capital Copenhagen for a day or two. Here you can experience the relaxed danish city life with great food, shopping at Ströget or a cold bear or a coffee on some of all the outdoor servings. If you’re going here with children you may prefer to go straight to the fun park Tivoli or to Zoo.

Copenhagen has something for everyone and a day of city life is usually a very well appreciated break in the beach holiday in Denmark. Copenhagen, which is a city of almost 2 million inhabitants, has kept a feeling of warmth and character whith is so typical for Denmark. Going here on your holiday will not make you disappointed.